Silver Needle White Tea
White Peony Tea
WHITE TEA-Young leaves (new growth buds) that have undergone no oxidation; the buds may be shielded from sunlight to prevent formation of chlorophyll. White tea is produced in lesser quantities than most other styles, and can be correspondingly more expensive than tea from the same plant processed by other methods. It is less well known in countries outside of China, though this is changing with increased western interest in organic or premium teas.We also have white tea from Assam which is not only rare but also of very good quality.
ORGANIC TEA-Having seen the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the world is slowly reverting back to natural ways of nourishment without adulteration by chemicals. The resulting produce is said to provide a fuller and richer taste beside being healthier for consumption.Some of our organic teas are also high grown.Our organic teas have (EEC)NO.2092/91,DAR and NPOP/nab/004 certification.We have black(both ctc and orthdox),green and white organic teas.
Organic Tea
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